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About us


Two Dutch guys with a passion for cycling was founded by us: Jaap Pronk and Frans Gielen. We are both Dutch so cycling is in our nature. We are also colleagues and that’s when we discovered our mutual interest for road biking. However, we both live in the Western part of the Netherlands and although we have some (steep) hills in the southern part of the country, no real mountains!

Each year we go to the mountains for a road cycling holiday with friends. Why? Because climbing not only provides magnificent views, it is also quite challenging. Every time we reach the top of a mountain we feel euphoric although completely exhausted at the same time, especially when a few friends are waiting on the top to get you through the last meters! Discussing which turn or which part of the climb was the most difficult over a plate of pasta with your friends gives the feeling that you can take on another climb. And when you finally reach home and jointly have a cold beer and prepare for dinner you realize how precious these holidays are. That is the experience we would like to share with you!

However, every single year it turns out to be challenging to find a great place for our cycling holiday whereby we have the following criteria:

  1. Luxurious apartment/chalet where bicycles can be stored safely
  2. Preferably a swimming pool or jacuzzi 😉
  3. A region that is suitable for both less-trained and extremely fit people and
  4. Located in a valley so no need to go up the same col after every day trip

This challenge is the reason why we started listing accommodations that we previously visited and started searching for other accommodations which meet these criteria. The result is this website and we are proud of it! We hope this website helps you in finding the right location and accommodation for your road cycling holiday.

Personal favourites

Frans: The Dolomites! I went to this region for the first time in 2013. The rugged mountains, friendly people, the abundance of cols (also varying in difficulty), the nice weather and of course the Italian cuisine are the reasons why I love this region. Try the Sella Ronda! Guaranteed success!

Jaap: The Swiss Alps! Back in 2011 and in 2013 we spent our holidays in Switzerland and participated in the “Alpenbrevet” (Gold) which took us over the Grimsel, Nufenen, Gotthard and Susten-pass! In my view Switzerland has the best scenery of Europe (especially the Gotthard-pass), and it is quite convenient that it’s ‘only’ an 8-hour drive from the Netherlands!

We hope you enjoy “cycling” through our website and please share your experience with us!